Who is eligible to join NTANN?
Membership is open to any registered nurse who wants to support neonatal nursing. Members must also be an active member in NANN,the National Association of Neonatal Nurses per the National Chapter guidelines. 

How much are dues for NTANN?
The annual dues for NTANN, are $25.00*. Your membership will allow you to attend educational meetings with Contact Hours and dinner every other month.  The meetings are BYOB by the way!

How do I become a member of NTANN?
First, you need to be a member of NANN.  You can join both groups by following the the links below.  
There are 4 easy ways to join NANN:  
       1. online at www.nann.org 
       2. calling NANN Member Services at 800.451.3795
       3. email info@nann.org
       4. or old fashioned snail mail.  First, complete the                   membership application.
      ***Be sure if you are joining or renewing that after you select your NANN         membership, to add your local chapter membership to NTANN  (North Texas         Association of Neonatal Nurses). 

How do I join NTANN if I am already a member of NANN?
If you are already a member of NANN, we would LOVE for you to join our local chapter!! You can add the NTANN membership to your current NANN membership by calling NANN Member Services at 800.451.3795 or by email info@nann.org.

Can I join if I am a Student Nurse?
We encourage Student Nurses who may be interested in the world of babies to come network and learn.  It is free for Student Nurses to attend our educational dinner meetings, however, no Contact Hours will be awarded.  

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For other questions:  please contact Kari Swanson Membership Chair, or any other NTANN officer.
FAQ's of Membership
2018 NANN Conference 

NANN 34th Annual 
Educational Conference

October 17-20, 2018
Anaheim Convention Center

Attend our regular NTANN meetings 
to qualify to win a


3rd Annual NTANN Day Conference
September 13, 2018

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